holiday décor in a small space

12 February 2015

If you love to put out small holiday décor touches but feel like you don't have space (or the money, or the time!) here are some fabulous ideas:
Build some shelves (or buy them!) like these bloggers and let your creative juices go to town in a small area -- that is much more do-able for me! AND it would take one storage bin of décor and a small amount of time to put together:


Buy or build an entry table and let that be your festive space:

What about a shelf that you use for a “mantel” like Decorchick did? I love this because it’s high up so kids won’t be as likely to bother it:
Valentine Mantel

Farmhouse by Magnolia Homes

Don’t wait for the perfect time or perfect home. Let yourself be creative and have fun: take a little corner, shelf, or bench and go to town!


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