how to make book ledges shelves for kids’ rooms

10 March 2015

We needed book solutions for the boys’ room! I adore children’s books and they are really hard for me to get rid of, maybe because they bring so many happy, comforting memories of my parents and teachers reading to me and also reading at night with my own kids.
kids room book ledges diy

We put the series books (berenstein bears, mercery mayer, arthur, etc.) in the milk crates on the bottom of the shelf
kids book storage
For the rest of the books, I used Ana’s plans as a guide to make these super easy book ledges. I wanted them it be in full view and have easy access. And I don’t have little toddlers anymore that delight in yanking them out which is convenient but I really do miss it! We do have little nieces and nephews that let us know what they think of our nicely arranged books when they come. :)
I used primed mdf because I didn’t want to paint! And, keep in mind that they will mostly be covered up with books, so they don’t need to be perfect.
My receipt from Home Depot:
materials for book ledges
Here are the boards I used for the back and bottom.
And here is the piece I used for the front. I had quite a bit left over, but I detest running back to the store so I always buy extra for mistakes. Remember, if you bring the sizes you want, they will cut them in store for free!
I put them together with my little nail gun and some wood glue, but you could use plain old nails or screws (pre-drill holes first)
how to make book ledges
attach ledges to wall with wood screws
My kids said -- it’s like the shelves at the library! I fit 68 books on these shelves, about 5 deep for around $20 and a couple of hours. And they fit in a little corner by the bunk beds in their room. Aren’t books pretty?? I love looking at them.
how to make book ledges
Happy building!


  1. Those are awesome, it is so nice to see all the pretty colors!

  2. I love books on display! I keep my 9 month old's books on a bottom shelf in his room, and he loves to pull them out and play with them. Your book on the bottom shelf, Morris Goes To School, use to be one of my favorite books growing up. :)

  3. melissa*320 sycamore3/11/15, 3:09 PM

    Thanks, Holly! :)

  4. melissa*320 sycamore3/11/15, 3:09 PM

    It's one of our favorites ♥


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