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05 May 2015

Next week is National Painting Week (May 11-16, 2015) with Sherwin-Williams and I've got some fun projects coming up with some yard sale/thrift store finds.The goal of National Painting Week is to provide color inspiration, ideas, and advice as to help you as you update your space. Plus, there may be a giveaway ;) You're going to love it!

Here is a preview of what I'm working on:

I got this sweet metal desk at a local thrift store (DI) for $20! My oldest son has been begging for a desk, and this one was a perfect size for a bedroom, the laminate top was in great shape, and I love the metal look. I even loved the color, but my son wasn't digging it so we're going with something different for him. Honestly, the thing that is taking me the most time is getting the blasted bumper stickers off.

I also scored a great solid wood chair for $5 that we'll give a quick makeover:

And I am finally doing something with red! Look at this yummy color -- Sherwin-Williams Fireweed (SW 6328) Red is tricky. (I say that about every color. All right, every color can be tricky) I tried some that were more berry colored, some that were more brick colored and this was the perfect in-between true red.

Stay tuned, I'll be in the garage painting if you need me...

* I partnered with Sherwin-Williams on this post because I love their company and paint-- I only team up and receive compensation with companies/brands that I can stand by. Opinions, ideas, pictures writing are 100% mine – full disclosure here.

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