gallery wall in family room

26 August 2015

Here is the gallery wall I’ve been working on in our upstairs family room! As you know, they have been on my mind -- we had one in our Virginia home and we kept our favorite elements and brought them with us.

gallery wall

I’ve been stashing clearance frames (mostly from Target) like I showed you on Instagram. I layed them all out on the floor downstairs

gallery wall prep

and then traced them out on to old wrapping paper and then just played around.  I also spray painted some silver frames gold and a great $2.95 Goodwill lamp also got a new shade of gold!


Here is what it looks like now:

gallery wall family rom

I’m sure I’ll still change some things around, but it feels good to have our favorite pictures up. Here is each section of the wall:

gallery wall frames

I really wanted our family motto to be part of this wall -- we all sat down at our family night and threw out ideas of what we wanted our family to strive to be. We looked at scriptures, quotes, simple phrases, and we came up with part of a song that we love and we all signed our name. I had picked up a big clearance framed print from Deseret Book (a local bookstore) for $7.99

how to change a framed print

and took out the picture, sent our motto Staples to be printed as an engineer print ($2), spray painted the frame gold and it totally worked!

family motto

gallery wall family motto and pictures

A fitting quote above the piano, don’t you think? ;)

stick to a task til it sticks to you

gallery wall grouping

gallery wall frames family pictures

And the whole room:

gallery wall whole room

I do love it -- every time I walk by, it makes me smile. Even on bad days I can look up and remember what I love the most. ♥ I’m going to make my built-in shelves a little less busy so there is not so much going on -- slowly but surely!


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