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04 August 2015

Here is one of my all-time favorite gallery walls from Pottery Barn.
galllery wall pottery barn

Let’s look at it a bit closer to see what makes it work:

* all pictures are black and white
* there are two frame colors: wood and black
* there are 2 mat colors: white and tan
* the sizes of the frames are matched somewhere else
* it fits nicely over the table

galllery wall pottery barn sizes

Here are some others gallery walls from my collection on Pinterest that I love. I have been studying these as we’re putting our gallery wall in our family room together.

gallery wall 10

gallery wall 3

gallery wall 4

gallery wall 9

gallery wall 5

gallery wall 8

gallery wall 6

gallery wall 7

gallery wall parade
a pic I took from the Utah Valley Parade of Homes by Alice Lane Home

I loved our gallery wall in our Virginia home, but I’m tweaking it a little because it is in our big open family room that already has lots going on, so it’s going to be more streamlined (I think) Stay tuned! What are your favorite elements from these walls?


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