little corner in the kitchen

02 September 2015

Here is a spot in our kitchen I’ve been working on:

old recipes in kitchen

I picked up the wire baskets from Costco over the summer and they store fruit on top and scriptures/books on the bottom.
Above them I framed some recipes of my grandmothers’ in a fun frame from a local shop. I love seeing their writing and hope that maybe their cooking skills will seep out to me.

grandma's recipes framed

And put a favorite phrase my Grandma Reeva used to say to us: Simmer Down! Because we all need that around here. These are just stickers from Hobby Lobby that I put on a pretty plate from a yard sale:

stickers from hobby lobby on plate

simmer down plate and recipes from grandmas

AND! I shared this on Instagram this morning -- if you have been on the lookout for fiddle leaf fig plants I found this one at my Home Depot for $15. You can order them online now too! And burlap pumpkins were $6-$7. Have fun!

fiddle leaf figs and burlap pumpkins at home depot


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