A new rug (kind of) + target clearance shopping tip

05 November 2015

My foyer rug was getting pretty worn (in & out, out & in all day long) I moved it to sweep underneath and had it upside down for a minute and thought -- huh, I actually like that side! I flipped it over and have kept it that way for the past month. I’ve actually had someone ask me where I got my cute rug!

turn the rug over

Most rugs look like this underneath -- a wool, chambray look and right now, it’s working great. turn your rug over for a new look
Maybe you have a rug that you want to replace that you haven’t found that perfect one yet? This could be a solution in the meantime.


Here is a shopping tip I shared on Facebook with a reader that I thought was worth sharing here: Heather asked when Target Halloween was going to go 90% off. 

For the past 2 years, it's been on Nov 5. Every store is different though -- you could call and ask. Or, if you have a DPCI number of a Halloween item (Target's # system) you could call and say could you look this up for me and tell me how much it is. For example, the DPCI for spooky phone is 240-43-0207. Call your local Target and tell them you want to see if something is in stock and give them the DPCI.  Even if it’s out of stock, ask how much it is and if they say it's $1.50, you know Halloween is 90% off at your store and you high tail it over there! I do this at Halloween, Christmas, Easter, etc. and it saves me from gallivanting all over town. You can find the DPCI’s online in the holiday section and then call.


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