Christmas room tour: kitchen

07 December 2015

Hello! Today I’m thrilled to be part of the Christmas Room Tour hosted by Just a Girl.

We’re each picking one room to highlight, Erin at Sunny Side Up just shared her beautiful formal living room and I’m going to invite you on into my kitchen:

christmas in the kitchen

This blog is based on the address of George & Mary’s house in the movie It’s a Wonderful Life, so I took a framed art print from a thrifting adventure a while back and spray painted it red (rustoleum americana red) and just had this print I typed up printed out at Costco photo center:

it's a wonderful life print
Here is a link to the 8X10 print just for you to download and print (for personal use only, not for sale or profit please)
bell wreath

I took my first trip to Trader Joes in November and they had fresh rosemary trees for $8

rosemary tree with linen & plaid

and boxwood wreaths for $10 -- love that place! The boxwoods are drying out quickly, I’m trying to spray them with water each day, but next year I may go with preserved boxwood. I want to plant the rosemary outside, I hope it survives. I just wrapped the plastic pots with linen and a ribbon. The wreaths are hung on suction cup holders and the ribbon is just hot glued to the top of the door and back of the wreath.

boxwoods from trader joes

We got a new chandelier in the dining area -- it’s from Lowes and was brown, but I gave it a quick coat of black spray paint before we hung it. I thought it was a great find at $159:
chandelier from lowes

Christmas fruit! Lest you think I always coordinate my fruit to the décor
kitchen winter fruit

you need to know that there was a crazy sale on produce at my Target, so I loaded up on pretty red pears and green apples:

Staples of christmas baking: flour, brown sugar, white sugar
christmas baking jars

I found these sweet little wrapped ornament boxes at Dillards 90% off last year:
little gifts & bells on door

Christmas cookbooks in the corner a candle wax warmer
christmas cookbooks

Christmas cups with a different design for everyone, these were also an after Christmas clearance find, but they are so great to help keep dishes at a minumum
christmas cups

You remember the mrs. meyers deal at Target? I love the red clover scent! If you can find the Iowa Pine, it’s so perfect for Christmas. My sil Natalie uses it all year, it always reminds me of her :)
christmas dishes

A wooden advent from Target a while back -- these are supposed to be filled with fun bulk candy from a local grocery store, but I haven’t been up there yet, so I’m scrounging with some leftover Halloween and movie theater candy! I need get over there, it’s great incentive to get chores & homework done quickly.
wooden advent calendar target

christmas kitchen

kitchen towel striped

christmas kitchen decor
So, thanks for coming to visit! The younger kids are just about to come in, and it will never look like this again, but that’s the way it should be. Go see Beth’s festive red front porch and you can see all of the bloggers this week at Just a Girl. More to come of the porch and family room -- Merry Christmas!!


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