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06 January 2016

cheap pillow roundup at 320 Sycamore
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Hello and happy new year! I am in the middle of about 5 projects (what’s new?) and still taking Christmas down (don’t judge) and getting my head on for the new year. I wanted to share some fun pillow covers with you today that are super cheap – I first saw these during Favorite Things when Kami shared the cute red buffalo check for under $5 and I thought is this for real? So I decided to check it out and I ordered some. First of all you need to know, these are from China and they usually take 3 weeks – over a month to get to you.014

They are folded up in a small envelope and will probably need some time in the dryer on steam cycle (or a wet rag on a short cycle) or an iron to get rid of the creases. They were all a lightweight linen-like cover with a zipper.


The red on the snowflake pillow was too orange for me, but I actually loved the others. A weird thing: the cream star on the black background pillow looked like it had been dropped on a dusty floor and needed a good wipedown. There are no washing instructions but I would hand wash these and lay flat to dry. My final verdict? They are great if you need a little update or a seasonal pillow without investing too much. But if you are looking for high quality, long lasting pillow covers made locally, I would look elsewhere. As always, read the reviews and decide for yourself, and prices can always change.

I can’t find the star or the orange pillow any longer but I included the sources for the ones at the top and most are $5 or under! Have fun browsing -- have you ordered these pillow covers before? What was your experience? I’d love to hear.


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