Laundry Room Light & Shelves

04 February 2016

chandelier makeover
Almost 2 years ago I shared this picture on Instagram of some treasures I had found at yard sales. I adored the little crystal chandelier that I got for $2, but it was pretty small and only one light.

instagram yard sale

But when we replaced the dining room chandelier -- it used to be this one:
320 sycamore kitchen
Brain wheels started turning, and I tried hanging the outer part of the crystal chandelier to the top of the basic black one. It worked!! I sprayed it gold over the black, hung the body of the crystal one from the top by bending the wires a bit, reattached a thousand and one crystals that fell off in the process, added some crystal beads that I ordered from Etsy, and it was done.

crystal chandelier makeover

It just brightens and warms the room,  I wish I could get a good picture of it but there is no natural light so this is the best I could do. I’m so glad I could make the little crystal chandelier work and give our old dining room light new life.

Now, for the shelves:
I just bought the white melamine shelves at Home depot and put them on boards screwed into a stud or wall anchor.



They bowed down in the middle, so  I remembered something my friend Beth had done with corner braces screwed into studs to give the middle the support it needed:

What they look like underneath
and above:

I painted the little support boards white, added a strip of moulding with a glue gun (it was super light!)

and there we go. About $40 in building supplies, and we are in business.
laundry room shelves

More about the laundry room here, but it’s just a more cheerful place to go into these days. But laundry is still my nemesis, it just never ends does it?


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