easy over the toilet shelves for $22

13 April 2016

 diy bathroom shelves

Hello! Just a little project to share  today – we have a small toilet room as part of the master bathroom. I wanted some shelves above the toilet for some storage but wanted simple & inexpensive, so off to get some supplies I went:
2—1X2X8 boards (for the support underneath) $2.14

1—1X10X8 board $12.50

1—piece of lightweight decorative moulding – this is the one I got. $6.96

wood screws (I had these)

white paint (leftover from another project)

Total: about $22

If you don’t have a saw, take your measurements to the store and they will cut them for you!

supplies for over toilet shelves

I measured at home and laid my 1X2 under my pine board to double check
and then I painted everything white with some leftover paint.
support under board

Then, use a stud finder to find the studs in the wall, a level to be sure that are straight, and screw the 1X2’s into the studs with wood screws. Remember to pre-drill first so you don’t crack the wood!

1X2 boards screwed into studs

Fill in screws with caulk or wood filler, sand down and paint over them.
Then, place the painted white board on the 1X2 supports and screw in from the top to keep it in place.

easy shelves above toilet

Cut your molding to size, and then… I just hot glued it to the front!! Has worked like a charm but of course you could use liquid nails or a nail gun.

easy bathroom shelves

I added some baskets to store some tp and personal supplies, you probably recognize some of the accessories from our previous master bath – and that was it. Not counting the trip to the store, it took about 2.5 hours including waiting for paint to dry, etc. And for only $22 since I had paint and screws on hand! Wahoo! You could use this method if you needed shelves in closets, a little nook, anywhere you need extra storage.

Here are some other easy shelving ideas if you are looking for storage solutions:

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Go get ‘em! Good luck --


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