The shelf that I was going to make but Bought instead * Kitchen shelf styling

18 August 2016

So, I had seen these shelves in Target and thought how great they were but how easy it would be to make them out of a pallet and it was really even on my project to-do list! Then last you know week the 40% off sale came and I realized that $13.79 shipped to my house was better than getting a pallet, probably gashing myself while cutting the pallet apart, putting hooks on to hang it on the wall, and boards to support the back, then buying a dowel and a drill bit that would be as wide as that dowel. And then adding those s-hooks too!

So I bought it and it came and it was so fun hang and add accessories too. Which made me move some things around in the kitchen and take down some others to make it all work --

wooden kitchen shelf with s hooks

especially with those darn light switches! If I were to do it all over again I would have put the switches on the other side of that wall in the mudroom to keep it nice and clean. But oh well -- there it is.

little kitchen wall

The shelf that I bought instead of making.


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