the pantry

14 September 2016

I completely cleaned out my pantry this week – it was so gross from the summer and felt good to de-junk and clean it out. This is the season in Utah when the stores have their case lot sales where they sell a lot of bulk pantry items so it’s a good time to clear out and take inventory. I had been thinking of ways to make my pantry cute – maybe some Pinterest worthy photos. What could I do: Buy a bunch of baskets? Make cute can covers?? Wrap the boxes in burlap? But that just made me tired and seemed a little ridiculous and so it’s not really cute, but it is functional for our family. It is about 7.5 ft wide X 10 ft long and that is a perfect size for our family of seven.


pantry with shelves and counter


I do think pantries look so much better without anything in them, one of my most popular posts is this one when I shared some favorite pantries for ideas. And here is my pantry without anything in it when we first moved in. So pretty and bare and clean!




But we eat, so it’s not bare and pretty. My very favorite thing in the pantry is this counter! It is just a basic white laminate and holds the microwave, blender, crock post, mixer, rice cooker and they all are plugged in to an outlet so they can be used in there. The upper shelves are great for paper products, coolers, big drink containers, canning supplies, Torani flavored syrups Winking smile etc.


pantry shelves


The floor is great for storing bulk items in buckets – do you know what gamma lids are?? I didn’t until a few years ago. They are lids for food grade buckets that you snap on top and then the lid can easily be twisted on and off for easy access and airtight storage. They are about $12 on Amazon but if you are visiting Utah, buy some here for about $8 each. They are perfect for storing bulk pet food, rice, oats, flour, beans, etc. and come in different colors.


kitchen pantry


The door is a pocket door – do you remember when I painted it yellow? But I forget that it’s painted because I think it’s been closed maybe 5 times since we’ve lived here, this is probably one of the most used rooms in the house. We left a spot for brooms and mops there by the door and hooks for aprons and a grocery bag holder.


pantry ideas


And that is our non-pretty pantry. Maybe it gave you some ideas if you are building or remodeling –  I shared a sketch of our floorplan here if you want to see how it comes off the kitchen. I’m telling you – mudrooms and pantries are my favorite features in a home. Let me know if you have questions!



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