Love Where You Live

12 October 2016

Do you love where you live? We have moved 9 times since being married and the “we’re new here” feelings are still so vivid:

virginia countryside

* Walking into the grocery store and not knowing where your favorite items are

* Arriving at an event and not knowing a soul or not even having a chance of bumping into someone you know.

sep 2009 148

* Sitting at the first soccer game and hearing the conversations around you and wanting to chime in but you don’t know them!

* Not feeling comfortable enough calling someone for a ride for your preschooler when your baby is still sleeping or you don’t know people well enough to be in a carpool yet.

jan 2009 281
picking leftover cotton in Texas

* Finding new doctors and dentists

* Not knowing the best routes or shortcuts and getting LOST!

* School pickup and drop-off routines

* Sending snacks for the class or birthday treats. What do they like around here? Homemade or store bought? Is sugar ok? Organic only, allergies??

* The FORMS. The dreaded filling out That right there is a reason to never move again. And then not having anyone to put for emergency contact.

july 2013 016

When we are moving and looking seriously at a buying a house, we have a little trick: walk down the street after school and work. Are there kids out playing, bikes or snowmen in the front yard? People taking trash out, walking dogs, or working in the yards? Talk to anyone who is outside. They will tell you what no realtor can and you can really get a feel for a neighborhood. “Oh that house has had the worst problems with drainage, I hope they got it fixed!”  “We’re so sad to see the Jones’ move, he got a job transfer”  “ But that dog next door barks ALL night”   “This is such a great neighborhood, we love it”   “It’s all right, people pretty much keep to themselves”  We have actually changed our minds about a house after a walk through the neighborhood!

this is where you belong
But do you know what? I have loved every place we have lived and miss things about each place. Some, more than others – but I am convinced that there is beauty and good people to be found everywhere. My friend Melody just wrote a book called This Is Where You Belong and she combines research, her personal experiences, and experiments of her own to help you feel at home wherever you are.


I know Melody from when we lived in Blacksburg and I adore her – she was my daughter’s youth leader and one of the most intelligent people I have met, and yet is a fantastic listener and knows all of the best books. She is warm and engaging and I just love all of the personal anecdotes she included in This Is Where You Belong, it’s such a delightful read that really makes you think about the happiness involved with where you live.

You can get to know her better on her podcast with Modern Mrs. Darcy or her website here. You know I only recommend things that I love, please enjoy getting to know Melody and her book!

I would love to know – do you love where you live? Do you think that you can learn to love living anywhere?

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