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17 January 2017

We had a special weekend as my baby got baptized this weekend. He doesn’t like to be called my baby since he’s eight years old, but of course he always will be (cue Mariah Carey!) and it was a momentous day for our family.


He was baptized at the church and then we came back to our place for brunch. Here are a few ideas:


We just printed our favorite 4X6 pictures of him, mounted them on scrapbook paper and hung with some small clothespins on ribbon.

baptism ideas decorating


And also hung some at the window

baptism decorations


The banner at the fireplace was the Little Explorer Personalized from Minted – you can make it say anything, I probably would have used the number 8 instead of spelling it out.baptism decor


This was a last minute thing but ended up being my favorite – I had this chalkboard from Christmas and asked him to write some things down that he knew (his testimony) ♥

landon baptism chalkboard


On the tables we used white tablecloths that I found for a screaming deal on Amazon and tins from the Dollar Tree with some balloons from our local grocery store. We just taped the balloons to tuna fish cans and covered them with tissue paper.

baptism decoration


For food we did a crepe bar and breakfast casseroles. My dad’s crepe recipe is here and we have 2 pans to whip them out quickly. I’m fine with cold crepes since we usually fill them with fruit and cream but my dad was a hero and cranked them out as we were eating so they were nice and warm. Michael and Kristine (my bro & sil) have used tortilla warmers for theirs.

crepe bar


I got these great little chalkboard labels – a dozen for $6.99 and favorite toppings ended up being: buttermilk syrup, bananas, nutella, lemon mousse (Kristine makes it with whipping cream, cream cheese, lemon juice), strawberries, blueberries, real whipped cream, and my Dad’s fried apples. The breakfast casserole recipe I used is here but I followed the comments and used croutons instead of the bread and maple sausage. My brother also made a dutch oven mountain man breakfast. We just did juice and water to drink – but get no pulp juice so it doesn’t clog up the dispenser.

wooden labels baptism


I hope this helps if you have an event coming up –- I always like to see other ideas.



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