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09 February 2017

Styling shelves can be tricky sometimes so today I wanted to share some favorite, inexpensive things I use on shelves, tabletops, and little nooks.

inexpensive shelf fillers 

* wooden boxes: think jewelry boxes that would be pretty on a shelf, pretty decorative boxes, even holiday boxes that you could turn around and use all year. Those top ones ^^ actually say home sweet home on the back, but I loved the look on the backside.


* clocks: great on a box or stack of books or get a larger one to make a statement.


* wire baskets: filled with yarn balls or fuzzy balls in the winter or green moss balls in the summer. I often see them in Target dollar spot or at Ross.


* wreaths: this is my $10 Trader Joes one from Christmas that dries beautifully and would work through spring.


* trays: perfect to fill with candles in the winter and nests & greenery in the warmer months. I think the white one on the bottom was an Easter clearance one.


easy shelf fillers


* books! I especially love the look of neutral colored spines/dust jackets.


* lanterns – put candles in them that come on automatically on winter nights or fill with fairy lights (see below) They are perfect to fill with sand or shells in the summer.


* picture frames – fill with favorite family photos or beautiful landscapes of places you’ve lived or visited.


* glass jars: these are filled with scrabble tiles, seeds from an african bean game, and boggle letters.


shelf styling


(fairy lights are perfect for cold winter days & nights)

fairy lights


* globes – I see them in every color and size and am kind of obsessed with them.


* cool rocks: perfect to put on a stack of books, we found a beautiful piece of granite when we were hiking in California.


built in shelves left


* a bundle of wood or sticks: tie together with some jute, ribbon, or an old belt


* ceramic bowls: they come in such beautiful patterns and sizes


* candles: come in the prettiest containers now, even if you don’t burn them they make lovely fillers on a shelf.


* greenery: stick a bunch of inexpensive ikea plants in a bowl for more impact


shelf filler ideas


Those are some ideas to get you started, what are your favorite things to display on shelves?



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