diy Topiary landscaping idea

12 April 2017

Hello! The weather is warming up here and our landscaping and yard are begging for some attention after the long winter! I was at the garden store and saw some beautiful landscaping topiaries for $80-$120. Not in the budget. But then at Home Depot and Walmart, I saw these dwarf alberta spruces for $20-$30.



I am no Mr. Miyagi, but I thought – what if I just shaped it into 4 balls myself and saved over $60? So I went to work in the garage with a pair of garden shears (these are like the ones I have) and held some of my kids’ play balls up a few times as I clipped and snipped. It took about 45 minutes and it was actually kind of therapeutic.


It’s not perfect and this picture helps me see where I can even things out a bit on the 3rd ball down on the left side, but we planted it  in the fall and here it is in the spring:

diy topiary


It was a good reminder to think outside the box to save some money and still get a similar effect.



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