Did You KNow? A few Tips

03 May 2017

You may love Facebook you may despise Facebook, but it can be a fantastic tool. I wanted to share a few tips that you may not know about – that have helped me stay in the loop with my favorite sites.


Pick out your favorite blogs, sites, restaurants, stores, community groups, etc. and go to their Facebook page and make sure you are following them (ahem…hopefully 320 Sycamore?). Once you are following, click on the down arrow next to following and make sure you check “See First.” That means whenever they post something you will see it when you log in to Facebook. Otherwise, it is left to default and the crazy Facebook algorithms and you may miss a lot of the posts from your favorites.


320 sycamore facebook


Another feature I love? The Save button on Facebook. So let’s say your friend shares a yummy salmon marinade recipe that you want to save to look at later. You simply click on the little arrow next to Like Page and scroll down to “Save Video” or “Save Post” depending on what it is.


save video tab on facebook


Then, to access your saved items, just look on the left hand side of your Facebook and you will see the saved tab and there you will find all of your awesome saves.


facebook save button


Have you noticed that FB won’t let you save to Pinterest? Annoying! This is the best alternative -- I’ve saved recipes, discussions on good books, parenting, quotes, ideas for church activities, great speeches, etc. It’s an awesome feature and I just wanted to share in case you didn’t know about it. Now go and have an awesome Wednesday ~ any other great Facebook tips we should know about?



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