Slip Slide Kickball Summer Games

31 May 2017

This was a huge hit at our house last summer – we did a slip ‘n slide kickball birthday party for my son and they loved it so much we set it up 3 more times and had a church youth group and a girl’s soccer team use it as well. It’s a perfect activity for a reunion, summer party, youth group, or bbq!


slip slide with pools


Here’s what you’ll need:

* 4 ft plastic sheeting


* garden/ fabric stakes


* pools – one for each base. We got the kiddie three ring one and the whale one – the whale one was our favorite – we didn’t inflate the tail. It was a perfect size. We lost one of the ring ones by the 5th or 6th use. You could pick up the hard plastic ones at the store, but we thought they may be kind of painful crashing into them.


* no tears baby wash/shampoo – this helps make it extra slippery and it was fine on the grass.


* kickball


slip slide kick ball whale pool


You just run the plastic sheeting up to the pools and secure with landscape pins,


slip slide pool ball


fill up the pools, get the plastic wet, add some baby wash,


slip slide pool kickball party


and have a blast playing kickball and making up the rules.


slip slide pools baseball


A perfect summer activity! You don’t want to leave this out too long or it will kill the grass, we moved it around to the dry spots in the grass and they were green in no time when we emptied the pools.


diy slip slide kickball


Here’s to the beginning of summer!

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