basement progress

14 June 2017

Hello! I’ve been locked down in the basement working on a few things – we already shared the play room wall down here that I randomly put up one day.

We found these great shelves at Sam’s Club for $100 each on clearance. A perfect spot for

basement shelves

globes and travel treasures. I’m on the lookout for some cool bookends on that 3rd shelf down, so if you see any…

open shelves

The big question is what to do with the middle section. We had them leave it as is to save some money when we were building – our least expensive option would be to go with the DIY ledgestone from Lowe’s along with a shelf mantel below the TV. But would you do the whole wall behind the TV or just up to the mantel? Or both the wall behind the shelves as well? Decisions…

basement fireplace shelves

We also got the huge wall map up! I have had this sitting in the box since 2010!! It was about time. Also thinking about framing it out with some wood and maybe adding some clocks above? It comes in 3 sections, it’s like a thick wallpaper material. We used painters tape to put it together and temporarily hang it. Then, we traced out the sections on the wall with a pencil, took them down and re-attached them with wallpaper paste. I really should have taken pictures of the whole process, but I just got a bee in my bonnet and just did it! We all love looking at it and realizing how tiny we are in this huge world.

huge wall map wallpaper

AND we hung the license plates –

license plate wall art

we just used 1” binder ring clips. Love having these up again as well.

license plates hung with binder clips

Still working on curtains, the little kitchen area, and getting ready for lots of summer guests but baby steps!


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