A great resource for formal dresses: Rent the Runway

30 August 2017

Hello! I have two teenage daughters and we’re in a new phase of life: formal dances! I wanted to share a resource we discovered last year when we were searching for prom dresses. It’s called Rent the Runway and it was such a lifesaver for us.

Basically, you get access to thousands of quality, designer dresses and can filter by length, sleeve, color, neckline, event, formal, night or day. People post dozens of pictures saying this is how it fit, this is what size I am so you can get a good feel for what size to order -- PLUS you get a FREE back up size so it’s pretty certain that one will fit.

Your two dresses arrive via UPS a few days before your event and then you just put it back in the box after your event and leave it at a UPS location or drop box. They will clean it and that is it!

Here are two of the dresses Lauren got last year – the Cindy Cascade gown $110

rent runway 1

and a more casual (but this was her favorite!) Paper Crown Lafayette Maxi $40

rent runway 2

Here is a pic of her in both:

rent runway dresses

Prices vary, but something we loved is that designer dresses fit SO well. We ordered a homecoming dress on Amazon but it just didn’t fit right and after alterations we spent more than renting one. I love not driving around all day trying on and getting discouraged, especially with the price! We talk budget and then she just gets on and can look for her favorites. Also, the chances of someone having the same dress are pretty slim because there are SO many to choose from.

It’s perfect for any age – remember it  you have a special occasion to dress up for: a wedding, gala, military ball, holiday party. Right now, you can get 20% off your first order when you sign up and use the code FIRST and then you can also get $30 coupon codes when you share with friends.

Anyway, we discovered it last year and I just wanted to share it with you if it can make your life simpler in any way – you know I only share things I LOVE! Any questions, let me know!

AND I can’t leave without a shout-out to all of our friends that are suffering in Houston and the surrounding area. It is incomprehensible to watch on the news.  Did you see that Chip & Joanna are giving ALL proceeds from their Texas Forever shirt to Hurricane Harvey disaster relief efforts? ♥ God Bless Texas!!


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