some summer thoughts

09 August 2017

Hello friends! As we’re wrapping up summer I just wanted to share some random thoughts I had about this season:

vintage suit

* Did you know Amazon has super cute, affordable swimsuits! My daughter got so many compliments on this suit and people couldn’t believe it was only $16.99. Now, if you are looking for more coverage or support, this probably isn’t for you but for teens they are perfect.

bamboo skewers

* My sil Natalie introduced us to these long bamboo skewers from Walmart at our family reunion this summer. They are perfect for s’mores, only 99 cents a package and you just burn them or toss them when you’re finished. No messy clean up!

* Do you ever send notes to yourself? We use Google Calendar and I send notes to myself after an event or holiday to remember for the next year about what to buy, what not to do, remember this, etc. I laughed at this one when it showed up this week as I was admiring some white pumpkins that stores are already setting out! I have it set to come up at the beginning of a season – especially when I can’t remember what holiday decor I have

fall notes

* This dessert  from Our Best Bites is DIVINE. My sister Kelsey introduced me to it and it is soooo good, perfect for summer get-togethers.


* If you see something seasonal like patio furniture at the beginning of the season that you like, buy it! Then make up your mind later because by time time you make up your mind it will be gone. And companies don’t get more summer inventory in. I got some great stacking sling chairs from WM and decided we needed more and they were sold out everywhere, even in Montana and anywhere else I had relatives living. Sad smile

* Hobby Lobby had these cute message boards on sale this week for only $15! (except they don’t have the $ symbol!) I couldn’t find them online but they were near the chalkboards in the store.

message board

Do you see the black stuff on top of our door frame? It is also on our window frames – steel wool is the magic solution to stop swallows and small birds coming and building their nests on our porch. Last summer I had bird poo all over my porch, this summer we have had no birds.

steel wool on top of windows

I hope you have enjoyed some random thoughts and tips! Feel free to add any in the comments ~


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