how to diy clean a rug dry clean

20 September 2017

The rug in our upstairs family room was looking a little dingy so I thought I’d share a little hack if you want to clean your rug but don’t have a fancy machine.

how to clean rugs rubbing alcohol

1. thoroughly vacuum the rug

2. fill a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol (you probably want to test a little area first if you are worried about discoloration)

3. spray a small area 7-8 times

4. use light colored microfiber cloth to rub the area and get the dirt out. I like to use the light colored so you can see what’s coming out of the rug. I love this big pack from Amazon. Keep using the rag until you feel like you are rubbing more dirt in than out, then use a clean one. I used 6-7 rags on this 8X10 rug.

how to clean rugs

The rubbing alcohol dries quickly and doesn’t attract dirt and your rug will have new life!

Happy cleaning!

how to clean a rug DIY


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