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01 November 2017

I dropped off our stray kitty we have adopted to be spayed and get her shots and didn’t want to go all the way home and back again so I took advantage of the time and hit some stores nearby. Christmas is out in full force! I just wanted to share some things that caught my eye before they are out of stock in the stores just in case you are on the lookout.

At Sam’s Club:

These gooseneck outdoor dawn to dusk lanterns for only $24.98? I couldn’t find them online. If you zoom in you can see the numbers you will probably need if you call the store.


These little Thanksgiving and Christmas outfits made me want little girls again!


I think these red trucks are already out of stock, they were flying off the shelves.


These are great mug sets for only $9.91 at my store – I got them for my new mug rack in the kitchen


And I need to tell you the BEST thing that Sam’s Club has – their scan & go app! You just download it, scan your items as you put them in your cart, push pay and then head to the door and they just scan the barcode there and you are done. No lines!! And then your receipts are right in the app, I LOVE it. I wish every store had it…Costco are you listening??  Here it is on Itunes and Google Play.  Just had to let you know about that one if you haven’t heard about it.

scan go

Okay let’s go to Hobby Lobby now!

I loved these wood signs, I couldn’t find them online:


These garlands!  Here is the red and white online and here is the multicolored


They also had a good selection of buffalo check and the french blue stripe:


Okay, over to JoAnn Fabrics! I loved this snowflake pillow – it was $17.99 on sale but I can’t find it online but it was next to this one.


Loved these geometric tealight holders, they were $8.99 and $11.99 on sale, don’t see them online.


And these pillow & blanket sets were $35.99, I love this pattern!


They also had the buffalo plaid


And then across the street to Michael’s – I loved their choices this year!!

Comfort and Joy sign $17.99 – it looks like most of these are only in store…


This 12.25 one was $11.99


Except this one *is* online for $11.99!


The plaid travel kits were $7.99 and the pencil cases were $2.99


Such cute garlands this year – I loved the pom poms!! Most were $11.99 on sale


Tree skirts were $23.99


Bell garland was only $8.99


These tins wrapped with birch sheets were $7.99


Adorable striped pillow $20.99 and is available online!!


Tree skirts were $23.99


Thanks for coming shopping with me!! Now you don’t have to go to the store, except maybe you did see something you love and are grabbing the kids and your wallet (don’t forget your phone!) and heading out the door as we speak. Or perhaps you are saying, I’m good! and I saved you a trip. Either way, I hope it helped.


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