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18 April 2018

outdoor lighting lowes home depot

I’ve had some requests to do an updated outdoor lighting post! I guess the old one is 4 years old and many aren’t available anymore -- I can’t believe it’s been that long! Anyway, twist my arm twice – you know I love stuff like this. And half of them are even under $50! Here you go:

1. Portfolio Brayden $66

2. Hardware House LED Lantern $38

3. Seagull Jamestowne $87

4. Heath Zenith Motion Lantern $79

5. Kichler Barrington Wood Base $69

6. Y Decor Lora Outdoor Light $36

7. Globe Electric Morrissey $38

8. Altair Coach LED Lantern $19.99 << can’t believe this price, go Costco!!

9. Hardware House Dusk to Dawn LED Lantern $43

10. Hardware House Large Square Dusk to Dawn LED Lantern $54

Do you have a favorite or another that you’ve seen somewhere else? I really, really love #3 but we also have #4 on our back doors and they are really fantastic – kept their black color really well, go on automatically at night, they have been great. Feel free to share in the comments ~


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