Fiddle - Dee -Dee Fiddle Leaf Fig Care and Sanding Down the Chairs

09 May 2018

My fiddle leaf fig was struggling – and I’m pretty sure our cat using it a few times as a litterbox when we forgot to let her out had something to do with it. And, upon some FLF research – I shouldn’t have fertilized in the winter or probably watered as much. I was in Wal-mart and they had these beauties for $21 so of course it came home with me and I moved FLF #1 to the guest room (AKA: plant hospital) and we’ll work on nursing her back. As fortune would have it, H&M Home sent me a 40% off one item + free shipping coupon so I ordered the tall jute laundry basket and am hoping this will keep the cat out??

fiddle leaf fig

The fiddle leaf fig isn’t that tall – I just put it on top of a paint can and a book and need to put a tray underneath when I water. We’ll see how it goes! Any FLF care tips to share with me??

fiddle leaf fig care

Another project I’m working on is the chairs I re-covered over 3 years ago – look how much they have faded!

fabric fading

I’m sanding down the chairs and hopefully using a new stain and fabric – stay tuned!

how to sand a chair

I hope your May is going well – I love the perfect 70’s weather and longer days here and everything is so green and smells divine (but also, allergies!) I really can’t believe my oldest is getting ready to graduate from high school – how can that even be possible?? Lots of fun preparations for that along with family graduations, concerts, assemblies, field days, field trips, track meets, baseball games for 3 boys, and yard work! But I love it.

Happy Wednesday~


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