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02 May 2018

Hello! We just got back from a fun trip to Disney – I shared some pics and thoughts on Instagram. My original Disney post is here – we stayed in the same hotel and it is still our favorite! ♥

Today I wanted to share some fun new discoveries on Pinterest that help simplify and organize. First of all, did you know you can easily sort your boards and just drag and drop? Just go to your boards page, click on “Sort Boards” and then I choose drag and drop and you can just use your mouse to drag them around:how to organize pinterest board

how to move pins on Pinterest boards

Okay, this one is life changer for me. Go to board you want to organize and click on recipes you want to move into a section. I decided I needed an instant pot section so I clicked on 2 recipes to highlight them in red and then clicked “move.”

how to organize pins on Pinterest

Then, all of your boards will come up. I want to add a section to recipes, so I click on “Add section”

how to rearrange boards on Pinterest

Name the section that you want within the board and then click add:

how to combine boards on Pinterest

And now you have an Instant Pot section in your recipes!

how to categorize pinterest boards

And now when you go to save another Instant Pot recipe on Pinterest choose recipes and Instant Pot will show up right underneath it:

how to rearrange pins on Pinterest

You can also get rid of a bunch of pins at once by choosing Organize  -----> then click on the pins you want to get rid of and hit “Delete” – it will double check with you but it’s such a fast way to clean up your boards.

how to delete pins on Pinterest

I hope this has been helpful, I went through and got rid of so many pins on my Caught My Eye board and Courage for the Week that I had already used and remembered a bunch of recipes I wanted to try in my Recipe board – it felt so good!


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