The best stain remover recipe and printable for gifts

30 May 2018

Hello! Tis the season for end of school and graduations. The local women’s organization at my church (called the Relief Society) puts together some baskets for the graduating seniors filled with useful things for their dorms and apartments as they leave the nest. I always sign up for stain remover because this truly is the best, I haven’t found anything that works better and it is so simple to make!

best stain remover gift idea

The Dollar Tree had these cute aluminum spray bottles in the hair section. Don’t they always come through?? (* update on these spray bottles – some of them were fine, but others leaked! They are cute but you may want to go with different ones for durability, any spray bottle will work!)

spray bottles at dollar tree

Just fill them up 1/3 of the way with blue Dawn dish detergent and fill the rest with hydrogen peroxide and then I give it a good stir with a bamboo skewer. I’m not sure why it has to be blue Dawn but I’ve never questioned it because it works. I wouldn’t go with anything else.

best stain remover

Then I typed up a printable -- here is the link to the printable 4 to a page and the link to the printable 9 to a page. Feel free to print and use for yourself!

stain remover instructions

I cut them out ( I printed out one sheet of the nine to a page but only used six to leave more space for cutting) and laminated them with my handy dandy laminator that we got YEARS ago on an Amazon special – I have loved that little investment!

stain remover recipe

And just hole punched it and tied it to the bottle with a ribbon. It’s a perfect size to leave by the laundry to treat stains and a fun gift for a friend or someone heading out on their own for the first time.

best stain remover gift idea

If you haven’t tried it, I think you’ll love it!! ♥


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