How to re-cover chairs and lightbulb deal!

05 July 2018

In today’s news: we recovered our chairs! Here is what they look like!

sand down a chair and recover

They started off like this – $5 each at a yard sale

chairs 1

Then, we recovered them to look like this:

chairs 2

And then they were getting faded and we were ready for a new wood finish.

fabric fading

To get the old finish off I hired my teenage daughter to use the electric sander to take the finish off – it took 2 hours! Sanding finish off is not my favorite, I was happy to hire that one out. Remember Landon’s diy headboard with light that we made this spring?? We just used the leftover stain from that – it is a combination of Minwax classic gray stain with a little provincial.

how to make a wood headboard diy

And for the fabric? We used curtains from Target! One light gray 95” panel covered both chairs!

target curtains

I loved the color and texture of the fabric:

recovering a chair with curtain

As I’m looking at the picture I’m seeing some spots where the fabric could have been tucked in better (and straightened!) and some corners that were missed in sanding but I still like them and happily keep them in the family room off of the kitchen where we can slide them over for big family dinners.

AND! I need to tell you about a crazy good light bulb deal I found at Lowes. I have been slowly replacing my chandelier lightbulbs with these ones from Walmart – the 40 watt ceiling fan bulbs that I love the shape of – kind of an Edison type style and they last forever (well, 10,000 hrs) and take much less energy. But they are $6.74 for a 2 pack so I just pick one up every month. WELL, last week at Lowes I saw this crazy good sale for the same Kichler bulbs but they were 99 cents each (reg price $3.98) and didn’t get good reviews.  They also have the same style in a 60 watt equivalent and I got free parcel shipping.

kichler bulb

But I thought: why not try and if they don’t work I can return them? I’m happy to report they all worked and so I ordered them for all of my indoor and outdoor light fixtures that they fit and are beautiful!  It’s hard to get a good picture of them when they are on but here is one:

light bulbs edison style chandelier

and this is what they look like in the day:


Just wanted to give you a heads up if you are in the market for some LED lightbulbs!

I’ll be back tomorrow with CME + Deals!


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