7 Things You Can Do Now to Make Your Holidays Easier * Holiday Organization Ideas

26 September 2018

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Holidays are coming! Whether that makes you jump for joy or want to crawl into bed and hide, it is true. Here are 7 things to start thinking about now that will pave the way for a less stress, more meaningful holidays. These are great points to talk about over family dinners or on date night.

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7. Figure out Halloween costumes this week. Or soon! Whether you pull them out of the dress up box, borrow from a neighbor, make them at home, or order online it’s a good time to start thinking about it! You don’t want to be driving around on October 30 trying to find a gold and maroon Gryffindor tie or paying crazy prices for overnight shipping. I love that a neighbor texted something like – “Sam would like to be a ninja warrior, does anyone happen to have one?” I love to see costumes get used again, there is no need to buy new every year! I do have to say the downside with this is that your kids may want to change their mind. It’s good to let them know that is fine but we’re not spending any more money, it will have to be something you make or that comes out of the dress up bin.

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6. Establish a budget for the holidays. Some questions to consider: What do we want our holidays to FEEL like? What will we remember and what do we want to focus on? What will we give? $$: How much for each child? How much for the family? Who else will we be buying gifts for? Would we like to give an experience instead of stuff? Will we be traveling? How much will we give to charity? Are we buying office or neighbor gifts? How much Halloween candy do we need for our neighborhood/trunk or treat? We got rid of our tree last year, how much are we going to spend on a new one or other decor? Will we be hosting a party or Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner?

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5. Schedule family pictures. October is a perfect month for outdoor pictures! Or find some favorites from the year or a family vacation. If you are doing holiday cards, order them as soon as you choose your pics. You will kiss yourself in December instead of scrambling.

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4. Think Charitable.  If you would like to participate in some community service during the holidays, begin thinking of a family or a shelter or a hospital you would like to donate time or goods to. Schedule now as time slots quickly fill as the holidays approach.


3. Get holiday concert and theater tickets! If seeing a Christmas Carol or attending the Messiah or the Nutcracker is part of your traditions, look ahead so that you can get the night that works best for your family. It’s also a good time to schedule outdoor lights if you hire those out. Many companies will give October and early November discounts.

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2. Stocking Stuffers -- take notice of kids’ favorite things and treats, it’s a great time to get ahead on stocking stuffers! I keep a running list on my phone of what I have for each child and a separate grocery bag/small empty Amazon box in a top secret undisclosed location where I stash them as I get them.

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1. Send yourself notes on your calendar! I have talked about this before, but I LOVE getting a message that pops up in September about what I should remember for the upcoming months. I just use Google Calendar because I can pull it up on my home computer or phone and then send myself a note after a vacation, holiday, anything I want to remember and schedule it to pop up well in advance of the upcoming event. If you find a favorite campground or hotel, you send yourself a note to book it early, take pics of your decor when it’s up because did you know you can attach them to the calendar note?? Then you know what you have and how that really cute thing you want to buy will fit in. Or maybe you decide it won’t. I am happy to report that the candles did go on sale at Costco and because this message popped up on Sept 4 I knew to buy them! I love, love this because how am I supposed to remember in my brain the cute pj’s I got on clearance last January or that we got rid our tree with half the lights burned out??

I hope these help! They are helping me get my buns in gear ~


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