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11 September 2018


I love podcasts! Maybe because I don’t have any little sidekicks at home during the day with me anymore --I love some company during the day while I’m driving, cleaning, what-evering! I love the way they make my brain stretch and to think of things in a completely different way. Here are some that I have really enjoyed:

* Jody Moorestart with episode 87. Your thoughts have all the power! I also love Episode 3 How to Solve Any Problem and just choose ones that look interesting from there. 

* Meg Meeker – just begin with episode #1 What Kids Want Most. The wise, to the point, but compassionate mother & doctor everyone needs to learn from.

* Brooke Castillo –  she’s a little harder for me to listen to but she has awesome points. I especially love her thoughts about marriage. They defy everything you usually hear about his needs, your needs, etc

* Awesome with Alison – I listened once and was like who is this crazy girl?! But then I realized she is truly being herself and she and her husband Eric are so genuine and fun! I love her energy and outlook on life and you will be saying freaking all the time…I started with her weight loss episode and was hooked. I love Episode 32 as well and many others

Do you have any favorite podcasts?? I would love to hear ♥


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