DIY Halloween Front Porch Ideas * Outdoor Halloween Decorations

10 October 2018

Hello and welcome to our porch! Here is what we came up with for this year:
halloween porch

The cart holds the Halloween potions from here
halloween decorations porch

My son did the chalkboard drawing – love him!
halloween porch decor

An old wooden crate is a perfect place to set some corner decor:
black orange halloween decor

Boogety Boogety Boo! If you know what movie that is from, we are instant friends. The spooky phone was from Target years ago and still goes off when someone goes past.
halloween letterboard

My favorite addition for this year? This Halloween Radio at Target! You can put it on sensor mode so it begins if anyone comes near it or switch to “on” button and it will only play if you turn the knob. I would get it sooner than later, I waited for the phone and now they don’t carry it anymore.
target halloween radio

I made a little video of it so you can hear all of the stations. We all love it ♥

Happy Spooking!


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