Favorite Things 2018: My SIL Natalie!

14 November 2018

I’m so excited to welcome my sister-in-law, Natalie today!! Natalie is just awesome, I totally hit the jackpot my in-laws. She is an amazing violinist, makes the cutest crafts, and she is basically famous for her caramels and chocolate dipped oreos that she always makes at Christmas. Natalie is always welcoming people to her beautiful home and cabin and I really appreciate how relaxed she is and her great sense of humor. She is a master boat driver and you should see her water ski or surf! Her family loves to get up to the lake as much as possible in beautiful Montana summers and we love to visit them! She is such a good mom to her 4 beautiful kids, we love them all. A few fun things: she made the frozen orange chicken from Costco and her son went to school and told everyone how good it was and she had parents calling her for the recipe! Also,  I should have gotten a picture of her feet – they are beautiful! She could seriously be a foot model Smile Thank you for welcoming her today!

natalie 9

Thanks for letting me compile a list of my favorite things! I’ve had so much fun thinking about this. My items are as follows:

1.  Fresh flowers:  I always have fresh flowers in my living room and kitchen table. In the spring and summer, I pick them from my yard. In the winter and fall time, I buy them from Walmart or Costco. Walmart has small arrangements for $5 and Costco has some between 9.99-14.99. If I buy a large arrangement and have extra flowers, I take them to someone that I think needs a little happiness that day.

natalie 2

2.  Potted plants and shelves from Michael’s:  I love my plants shelves. I got the shelves from Michaels with a $40% off coupon. They are $39.99 regular price but are buy one get one free this week!. The pots are also from Michaels:  Between $3.69-$7.49 per pot. I got the plants from Home Depot. Less than $5.00/plant.

natalie 3

3.  Homemade granola:  I eat this every morning and make it myself. I attached a picture of the recipe.

natalie granolanatalie recipe

4.  Remington Hair Wand:  $18.44 at Walmart. Some days I wear my hair straight. Other days, I like to wear it curly. I love my curing wand so much.


5.  Revlon Colorstay Brow Kit $6.48: I have sandy blond eyebrows and I love this kit because it comes with the wax to brush on your brow, followed by the color. The wax gets the color to stay all day long. Much better than the eyebrow pencil I used to use.

brow kit

6.  Conair garment steamer $39.99:  I hate ironing! I love steaming wrinkly clothes. It is fast and easy. I bought mine at bed bath and beyond with a 20% off coupon but they are a better deal at Amazon now.

natalie steamer

7.  Hot Chocolate:  I drink hot chocolate every afternoon right around the time my kids get home from school. It’s my “pick me up” in the afternoon. My favorite combination is Stephen’s hot chocolate and hazelnut creamer.

natalie cocoa

8. Flameless candles and twinkly lights. During the winter I need more light in my life! It makes me happy when it gets dark to have candles and lights around the house turn on. I have them on a timer to turn on at 5 and turn off at 10. The twig branch lights are from Kohl’s and the flameless ones are from Costco.

natalie lights

9.  Purses! I switch them out every couple of months because it’s fun to have a variety.

natalie 5

10.  Hats:  Some days I just don’t want to do my hair and it’s just faster and easier to wear a hat. My favorite hat is a fedora. I think it looks good on anyone.

natalie hat

11. Banners:  I put them up for birthdays and holidays, but some of them I leave up year round as a decoration in my kid’s room. Michael’s has them pre-cut and ready to string on ribbon or twine and you can add letters or stickers, whatever!

natalie 6

12.  UGG blanket:  I sleep with this every night. So soft and warm. I bought it at the UGG outlet a couple years ago. It was less than $50, but I can’t remember the exact price.

natalie ugg

13.  Pictures around the house of my family and places we love to visit. I think your home should be a reflection of you and what you love! One of our favorite things to do when we are traveling is to get a painting from a local artist to remind us of our time there.

natalie 4

14:  Gospel Library:  I love having the scriptures read to me. How amazing is it that I can get ready in the morning and listen to the scriptures at the same time? 

15.  Pandora:  My daughter tells me I should listen to music on amazon prime or YouTube. Maybe that’s the new thing, but I love my stations on pandora. Some favorite stations are Journey and Instrumental Christmas.


Thank you, Natalie!! To see all of the Favorite Things from this week, click here. Tomorrow I will be sharing my favorite things and will have a link up if you would like to share yours! See you soon~


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