Teenage Girl Gift Ideas or Stocking Stuffers

06 December 2018

One of the top questions I get is: what should I get a teenage girl?? Well, I have an in-house expert so I asked her to write a post on fun gift ideas. Please welcome my Hailey girl – she loves Rice Krispie treats, running, reading, playing and teaching piano, beating everyone at card games, and keeping us up on all of the shopping trends. Smile

hailey collage

Hi, I’m Hailey! I’m 16 years old, and I even got input from my friends for some ideas, too, so hopefully that’s credible. :) My mom will add in the links and all of the technical stuff.

* Thread Wallets!
thread wallet
These stretchy wallets are so great because they’re small & compact, super cute, and easily portable if you attach them to a lanyard. I looooove mine and wear it everywhere.

* Scrunchies

These are so great because of their practicality and style. I love the ones with a small accent tie/bow, but I also wear my solid color ones almost every day. I also see velvet scrunchies and patterned scrunchies everywhere as well. Scrunchies are perfect to wear in a ponytail because they don’t leave those annoying dents in your hair, but they also look good just hanging out on your wrist. These hair ties are also super cute for tying around a ponytail or as a hairband.

* Makeup
pink mascara

You cannot go wrong with giving girls new mascara or eyeshadow. Some of my favorite makeup products are:
- Revlon eyelash curler
- Eyeshadow Pallete
- Pink Covergirl mascara
- NYX lipgloss
- 24 hour Maybelline foundation

Along with this, a cute makeup bag is also great to gift.

* Simple Charm Necklaces or Bracelets
pura vida
They seem to go with everything! I love Pura Vida anything because of the color pop and cute charms they have. 
A simple necklace is always a great idea as well.

* Chapstick

I lovelovelove Burt’s Bees, but eos (my favorite is sweet mint) are always great.

* Tiny Wet Brush
mini wet brush

These are so great because they’re so easy to fit in a small backpack or purse, and are perfect to bring traveling. Not to mention, they’re adorable ♥

* Perfume/Lotion

twisted peppermint

Bath and Body works is the perfect place for this; you can never go wrong with Twisted Peppermint, Thousand Wishes, At the Beach, or Beautiful Day. Honestly any scent from Bath and Body smells amazing!

* Fun socks!

Socks can be so cute and so comfy, and everyone loves them. My favorites are boot or bootie socks or just fun socks with patterns--or even fuzzy socks to wear when it’s freezing outside.

* Water Bottles
hydro flask
I take one with me every day! My aunt and uncle just gave me a hydroflask – they are super popular right now, keep your drinks cold/hot and there is not condensation. Everyone loves to put stickers on them to personalize them – I love this store that has Dunder Mifflin and a lot of fun ones or maybe a favorite national park? I also love the Contigo Auto-Spout.

* Nail Polish

OPI and Essie nailpolish have lots of great neutral and colorful shades and seem to last longer than others.  My mom’s favorite place to get OPI is TJ Maxx
Press-on nails are so much fun too – I just used some for a dance and they last like 3 or 4 days!

* Vans Slip Ons
vans white
The white go with everything but they have a ton of other fun colors. They don’t go on sale but the least expensive place I’ve found to get them is Journeys. When you go there, sign up for their email and you’ll get $5 coupon right away, plus you’ll get free shipping.

* Bath Bombs, Loofas, and Shower Stuff
bath bomb
Girls love bath bombs because they make your baths pretty, and not to mention, they’re super cool and smell good.  A good razor and a new loofah is always a good idea.

* Beanies

Beanies are so great for winter because they can be super cute while keeping you warm. You can get these pretty much anywhere in any color, but a favorite brand is Carhartt.

* Gum & Good Chocolate & Any Weird Food Craving
sweet mint
You can never go wrong with Lindt Truffles--oh my goodness, they are heaven. I absolutely love gum--I always ask for a ton of Orbit sweet mint gum every Christmas because it keeps me going through school and helps out the breath when you need it.

* A new charger – choose a color that is different from everyone else’s.

* Fun Pens, Markers and Pencils
Colored pens like Sharpies are so fun or new pencils are great for school, and lettering kits would be a nice gift if she’s into that :)

* A planner

I love keeping my school stuff and everything I have going on organized. These ones are super cute and only $10!

* Little Tree Car Freshener

a perfect stocking stuffer!

* Bracelet Key Ring

* Think about vouchers for lessons or classes -- maybe she would love an art or craft class or self-defense or guitar lessons?

* Gift Cards

I love finding these in my stocking, especially when they’re gift cards to my favorite restaurants close to my school – even $5 or $10 are so great to get!

I hope this helps you with your gift ideas!!  Good luck

- Hailey

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