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26 June 2019

Since we are still officially in the first week of summer, I thought I'd share some of my favorites for summer today! Pour a glass of lemonade, put your feet up in the shade and enjoy:

* Loft Sunglasses -- I haven't found better quality for the price ($10-$15) and they are always stylish

* I Love Love Perfume by Moschino -- ok. Let's just first establish that the packaging and bottle get zero stars but I love this smell, especially for summer! Fresh, light, citrusy and I would say a bit like D&G Light Blue?

Continuous Mist Spray Bottle -- my friend Lydia brought this up to Girl's Camp to keep us cool (also great for doing hair or ironing!) and I was sold. You don't have to keep pumping, it just holds the spray in a fine mist.

Melona frozen bars -- these are SO good. We get them at Costco and they are the perfect summer treat.

Garnier Moisture Rescue Cream -- I love this for summer! It is refreshing because it cools as you apply it and my skin drinks it up. and I would compare it to Clinique Moisture Surge except it's a quarter of the price.

Sandwich Maker -- this saves us in the summer because adults aren't required! The kids just plug it in, add bread or tortillas and then add cheese, meat, scrambled eggs, pepperoni, whatever and close it. In a minute it will give you a delicious, cheesy lunch, breakfast, or snack without having to worry about pans, burners, flipping it over, etc.

* My favorite Bath & Body candles this summer are: Midnight Blue CitrusGinghamWatermelon Lemonade, and Sun Washed Citrus

Hidden Valley Fiesta Ranch -- my SIL Jamie had this out with a platter of veggies when we were over at their house and I couldn't stop eating it! We are hooked.

Time and Tru Hacci Dress -- this is the softest, most comfy dress. It's roomy and just great to throw on for any summer activity or over your swimsuit. Or to bed. Did I mention pockets and only $12? I have the grey and this is a closeup of the soft material:

Bird Scare Tape -- Ok, I shared this last year but I wanted to report that it has totally worked! No birds on our porch for over a year, even in the spring when they would always make their nests above our door or above the windows.

I'm sure there are some I forgot but there you go! What are some summer favorites you've discovered? I'd love to hear.

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