Random, good things in September

11 September 2019

Hello! I struggle with a title for these posts when they are just random thoughts thrown together but have really good things I want to share! Thus: Random, good things. Let's begin with this cozy fall house. I searched for a source on this and it just came up Pinterest but I love it!

And then, fall candles. If any seasons need a scent, don't you think it is Autumn and Christmas?

A few years ago Glade had a scent called Fall Hayride in the warmers and candle melts that I LOVED and should have bought them out because they discontinued it and now sell for crazy prices. WELL -- Kohl's has a scent that is almost identical (maybe it is the exact scent?) called Autumn Hayride. I was so excited and my sister in law Natalie actually went and bought her store out for me because I discovered it at the end of the season last year. I love the scent but the bummer is that I can barely smell the candles! I wish they were stronger --  the wax melts are much better. Someone please make this scent in a strong, long lasting candle?

But never fear -- my favorite Bath & Body Work candle is Cinnamon Bark. Sooooo good. Cinnamon and vanilla with a bit of cedar. I read a review that sums it up: "Imagine walking on a wonderfully brisk Autumn evening. Your neighbor is baking pumpkin cookies so there is a hint of cinnamon. Your other neighbor has their fireplace lit. All of this combined to give you a sense of peace and excitement for Autumn to finally have arrived." Just don't pay full price -- they are always going on sale.

And podcasts! Here are some episodes I've loved:

* Body Positivity with Ashley Reeves on Mint Arrow Messages

* Why Our Souls Crave Connection with Brooke Romney on All In Podcast -- this is my all-time favorite podcast ♥ I have loved every one.

* Successful Parenting with Jody Moore

And I loved this ^^ meal planning graphic from Brooke Romney just to get ideas for dinner! She also explains how she uses it for her meal planning. I used to just scribble dinners down for the week and keeping them in a drawer but now I quickly type my dinners for the week up on a Google Spreadsheet and have a different tab for each month. It saves it for me and I have it for the next month to draw from and now am coming up to the next year so my meals are already planned out for the month or at least give me a great start.

Just some good things I wanted to share! Happy Wednesday to you all.

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