Easy Meal Planning in Google Sheets -- Timesaver!

19 February 2020

Hello! Last year I had mentioned that I was trying to enter my meals on a Google sheet and I wanted to follow up. 

I love it!! It is such a timesaver and brainsaver. I love that I can pull it up on my computer or my phone and I can just copy the last month to this month if I want to.  If you need meal ideas to fill in the week/month I love this printable from Brooke Romney.

It looks like this. Days on the left column, then dinners, and the different tabs on the bottom for the different months:

To start you go to Google Sheets (it's free) and choose blank

and from there you can make the columns as wide as you want to:

At the bottom there is also the option to add more sheets and so I have one for each month.

I used to scribble meal ideas on a piece of paper (and that totally works!) but I actually love having ideas from the last month AND I love that I can pull up Google Sheets on my phone if I'm at the store and wondering what I need to grab for dinner:

You can easily copy and paste meals between months too. I just wanted to show this because anything that makes meal planning easier is worth sharing! Just another idea for you to take or leave. Thanks for coming by!

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