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05 February 2020

Hello! I was out with surgery last month (ACL replacement) and so I had extra time to tackle something I've been meaning to get to for the past 10-15 YEARS: my kids' school papers and artwork!

I had been looking for a good solution to store everything and decided on these 14X17 art portfolios. (ETA: this one on Amazon is only the 12 page! If you want the 24 page/48 view look here on B&H Photo) I love them because they are larger than your typical binder or photo album so they are perfect for artwork!

Everything had been in a big storage bin and so I sat on the bed and sorted and sorted and threw things away. Then I brought each child's pile out to the kitchen island and tried to sort into chronological order.

There are 24 pages front and back so 48 slots and I just started sliding everything in. Each page has a black paper you can glue or tape things to as well.

I've seen other great ideas like the file boxes with each year divided into a folder but I wanted something we could look through. I finished Lauren & Hailey's and there were plenty of pages to get from preschool through high school so I'm excited about them!

I'm hoping they will be easy to keep up with -- it's so fun to look through and remember all of these works of art and momentos. So much nicer and neater than everything thrown in the plastic tote!

How do you organize your kids' artwork/school papers?

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