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29 April 2020

I have a bit of obsession with refilling Bath & Body Works foaming soaps. I love finding less expensive soaps and body washes to use when they run out that kind of match the original scents. You may have noticed that antibacterial soap is no more -- here is an article from the FDA explaining why good old plain soap and water is better.  So you can use any liquid soap or bodywash and feel good that they will give you the same results if you wash with warm water for 20 seconds.

All you need:
* an old toothbrush
* warm water
* your choice of body wash or soap to refill
* a foaming soap dispenser (I always get the ones from Bath and Body works and choose scents that work well with refills)

Since we're heading into summer I chose a sweet mango body wash (from the Dollar Tree!) but I also love the scents from the Smartly line at Target. If you need more moisturizing you can definitely choose a more expensive body wash or hand soap.

1. Take the empty foaming soap bottle and fill it about 1/4 - 1/3 of the way with soap/bodywash.

2. Next, fill it to the top with WARM/HOT water. This will help it blend together -- cold water seems to make it separate.

3. Using the handle of the toothbrush stir together until well mixed. Don't shake! This does weird things to the dispenser. 

4. Before putting the dispenser head back on, give it a good scrub with your cleaning toothbrush and hot water. It seems to collect dirt and grime with all of the use.

5. Put the lid back on and enjoy foaming goodness! This saves lots of money as it takes only 1/3 of a normal soap refill.

As I said, it's fun to keep your eye open for seasonal scents to refill as well:

Happy refilling!

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