Spring 2020

15 April 2020

Spring of 2020 will for sure be one for our family history books! Here's what we have been up to:

I shared on Instagram but I cannot get over these amaryllis bulbs!! They just keep getting more beautiful. (from Brambles and Blossoms in Provo)

A neighbor fills her garden area with daffodils and it is the most lovely sight.

Hazel is the most sassy cat on the planet. She struts right in front of us when we're about to take our family Easter pic.

Speaking of Easter -- I love that traditional meal!

We had spring break last week so we had to make it special. 

Campout in the backyard

blanket forts,

Some beautiful hikes -- Rock Canyon was so pretty but also so crowded, I would avoid that one.

but we were nearly by ourselves on the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. I had never been on it!

Beautiful bike rides.

and more rocks in the landscape.

Birthday in quarantine! 

They are the best.


Crumbl cookies (that almond frosting is what gets me -- we decided they are our favorite sugar cookie)

and lots of regular old housework and schoolwork.

braving a quick errand

It's so odd to see these parking lots completely empty!

Have you been watching the Chosen? We have been loving it. Such a different perspective of the personalities and lives of the people around Jesus. We have just been streaming it to our TV on Youtube.

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