Homemade natural drain cleaner

10 June 2020

If you have sinks that take a long time to drain after brushing teeth or washing hands, here is a trick to clear them up. It was from a book I got when we were first married called "Talking Dirty with the Queen of Clean." It's full of great cleaning tips and tricks.

Sprinkle equal amonts of baking soda and table salt down the drain. I try to do it without taking out the drain stop but if you want to take it out, just watch a YouTube video to see how. I would use 1 cup of each for a kitchen drain and 1/2 cup for a smaller bathroom drain.

Then, take a kettle of boiling water and pour over the salt and baking soda and let it work it's way through. Try not to use it for at least an hour. 

I have loved this electric kettle we use for quick hot chocolate, mac & cheese, etc. Just be super careful if you use the stovetop and have to carry the water to the bathroom!

If it still seems slow you may have hair blocking the way and will need to use a sink snake like this one.

Here's to fast draining sinks! Good luck.

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