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04 November 2020

Because when everything else seems crazy in your life it's nice to be able to open one drawer and feel calm! My SIL, Natalie got us hooked on the Home Edit and it does indeed inspire! It was also a good chance to go through and chuck some spices from 10 years ago that were pretty "sketch" as my boys say and then put the rest in these containers.

I had these spice jars from Amazon and then I have to show you how great these spice jar labels are. They are already printed on stickers and they have EVERY spice imaginable! Ancho chili pepper anyone? What about Vindaloo, Cassia Cinnamon, or Pod Cardamom? I dare you to find one they don't have. There is also a whole page of blank stickers you can write on.

It's a project that leave you an organization high in just an hour or so. And when things are getting stressful, you can open it up and sigh. And of course you can put them in a cabinet or in the pantry if you don't have a drawer. There is just something of the uniform of it all (except those renegade Trader Joe spices in the corner!)

Happy Organizing!

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