Spring good things to share

31 March 2021

 Hello and happy mid-week! I just wanted to share some good things with you this Wednesday.

Loving: Target's Ever Spring line has the cutest packaging you have ever seen if you need some spring color in your kitchen for just a few dollars. The hand soap is perfect next to it as well.

Smelling: My laundry room drain was smelling so yucky but just pouring a bucket of water down the drain as advised here did the trick! Thank you plumber tips!

Reading: if you need a great book to take on your next vacation or get you through until you go on vacation these are fun, clean romances (if you like Edenbrook type books I think you'll love these) written by my friend Kortney Keisel. I love the relationships, characters, and developments in both and brought them to Oahu thinking I would pull them out for a beach read and honestly couldn't put them down and may or may not have been up on my Kindle at 2 a.m. finishing them in our hotel bathroom. I started with the Promised Prince and then went to the Rejected King. Brava, Kortney!!!

Fixing: I thought my old Roomba, Jessie had given up the ghost but I ordered this new battery and she is like new again! Hooray!

Shopping: Target is having a "secret" home sale -- here are some items up to 50% off from top to bottom.

Not pictured:

Here is the whole sale without any of my filters.

Thanks for letting me share! Thankful we are heading into some beautiful spring weather this weekend.

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