a favorite perrenial : black eyed susan * rudbeckia hirta

18 September 2021

 Hello! Welcome to Day 4 of Every Day September! I wanted to share a favorite perennial that has consistently thrived in the heat, is super low maintenance, and done well year after year. The black eyed susan! (rudbeckia hirta)

I believe this variety is called the "Indian Summer" but they are beautiful cut as well to bring some cheer inside. We are in planting zone 6-7 but it looks like these thrive in zones 3-7. As we walk around our neighborhood and drive kids around town I see it doing well all over. I have probably only fertilized in a handful of times over the past 5 years. We love low maintenance, high impact!

I shared a video on Instagram showing how it compared in the July/August heat to some other perennials if that would be helpful.

What is your go-to, never fail perennial in your area?

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