how to check inventory and deals at stores like Walmart and Target

16 September 2021

Hello! I wanted to show you a cool tool that can save you a lot of money but can also save you from driving around from store to store. It's called Brickseek (no affiliation with them I just love looking things up!) -- it's basically a free inventory checker. September is a perfect time to find outdoor furniture and patio sets on clearance. I have loved Better Homes and Gardens sets at Walmart. I had my eye on the River Oaks so I kept checking Brickseek to see when it started going on clearance.

 I do need to point out that EVERY STORE is different and prices will usually vary from store to store. 

Just search Brickseek Walmart and then click on the SKU finder and then I typed in River Oaks and click on the set when it comes up. Then it will automatically fill in the SKU for you and you put in the zip code and choose whether price or distance is more important to you. I usually just choose "recommended."

It is out of stock now but this is how it comes up -- look at the difference at the prices in the stores.

We got it for $600 and I thought that was a great deals but there were obviously better! ^^

I would love to find a new rug but we are loving a new spot to gather in the evenings or to do homework or read. It's still summer on the porch but I'm gonna work on that this weekend!

Let's try it with something in stock near me. This is another beautiful set -- the Ellington 7 pc outdoor dining set:

I'm just going to put Ellington into the SKU finder, fill in my zip code and search. And it is in stock for around $300 at 50-60% off! Amazing 😍

I hope this helps you if you are ever looking for something in stock at Walmart or it works for Target too! It may be helpful with holidays coming up too. Thanks for coming by of Day 2 of Every Day September. See you tomorrow!

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