the best lamps at Target and other finds

20 September 2021

 I feel like I have to share these with you today -- the best lamps I found this summer at Target. These are beautiful, substantial, quality lamps for $50 each. I promise you won't find better anywhere for this price. They even come with the shade and lightbulb!

They are both Hearth & Hand from Magnolia and are sometimes hard to find in-stock. The white ones are here.

And the gray one is here also for $49.99. Most likely you'll have to find it at your local store for pickup. 

This Studio McGee print and potted olive tree are also hard to find but I would highly recommend them if they are in a store near you. Kristine got the olive tree for me at her store (thank you!♥)

* these distressed vases are also SO good if you can find them. I had to have Lauren bring one back from the Montana Target for me. 

I didn't really mean to turn this into an ad for Target but when I go into high end home stores and see almost the identical items for 3x the price it makes me love them even more. Thanks for stopping by -- your Target is probably better than mine for finding items in stock. Utah tends to snatch up the goods so quickly!

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