thinning peaches * editing life

23 September 2021


Every spring our peaches need thinning. If there are too many peaches on a branch they will be small and not as sweet. By removing all of the peaches but one every hand or so down the branch you allow the peaches that are left to have more air, sunlight, and nutrients.

It seems counter-intuitive to pluck all of these off but

the reward comes in the summer when the peaches are beautiful and juicy!

It is the same in life don't you think? When we take time to edit, re-evaluate, take out, and remove things that are crowding our lives we give ourselves more light, air, and focus. Brooke Romney shared a list I loved called "12 Ways to Protect Your Peace" that goes right along with this.

We had so many peaches this year! Too many -- we couldn't give them away fast enough and had to hurry and bottle and then make jam. 

Here's to thinning peaches and life!

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