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05 October 2021

 Hello! Welcome to Day 21! You didn't miss Day 20 -- I just took the day off. There was lots going on and just didn't happen. And I heard Facebook and Instagram were down too for most of the day so it works, right? So I'm back today sharing something that I have loved and am hopeful it can be helpful to you as well. It's from an emotional resilience class my church is offering. Our local congregation had encouraged everyone to sign up for the class -- they are free and just faciliated in homes not by experts but just a group of people wanting to learn together. I kind of rolled my eyes and thought that I was good to go -- I listen to lots of podcasts and know this right?

 But my husband and I signed up and it is SO GOOD. It has really challenged my thought process and helped me realize how much it takes to re-train my brain with healthy thinking patterns that serve me instead of make me feel angry and out of control. I also love hearing real and vulnerable examples from people in my class. Here are some of the graphics from the manual in Chapter 2 that I have read and re-read and returned to for reminders. 

Anyone can download the manual and go through the class on your own or in a group. Of course it does have a strong religious influence but you could easily choose the parts that are applicable to you/your family and I honestly believe it could be for everyone.   Who doesn't need to learn to deal with all of the information and feelings we are bombarded with on a daily basis, especially our children?

 My daughter is facilitating a class with her college group.  I have a friend that is going through the course with her children and thought that was such a great idea. Some other chapers are: Our Bodies and Emotions, Managing Stress and Anxiety, Understanding Sadness and Depression, Overcoming Anger, Managing Addictive Behaviors, Building Healthy Relationships, Providing Strength to Others, Moving Forward with Faith. It is all free and downloadable (PDF is here) or if you like the actual book that you can  hold and highlight and make notes in (I do!) It is around $6 shipped. I just thought it may be helpful to you so I am sharing! 

I wish you the best on your personal emotional resilience journey ♥

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