simple balloon arch for showers or parties

02 October 2021

Hello! Welcome to Day 18 of Every Day September. Today I wanted to share a simple balloon arch that anyone can put together -- it's great for a shower or party or wedding celebration. It was only $13 on Amazon and comes with everything you need. This was for a bridal shower we did at my friend Angela's home.

I also picked up this balloon inflator from Walmart and it was a lifesaver! Just a tip: if the balloons aren't inflating try stretching them up and they will fill right away.

I didn't do any of the glitter balloons but I did love the pearl-like gold ones. Just attach them to the plastic strip they give you

and then just fill in the smallest ones with the little glue dots that come with it (or scotch tape works great too) We attached it to the wall with a command hook.

and then you can tuck in greenery too. This was just eucalyptus from Trader Joe's. 

It's a big bang for a little money. I just wanted to share and promise anyone can do it. It probably took an hour or two to put together? Good luck!

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