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07 October 2021

I love getting good recommendations from friends! Here are a few that I have loved this past year. You may find these as old news but they were great discoveries for me!


* How I Built This with Guy Raz -- my friend Jaimi got me hooked on this one. Fascinating stories of how companies were built and came to be. Chances are you'll find your favorite company among the episodes!

* About Progress with Monica Packer -- she's got some great episodes that have really helped me view progress in small, do-able steps. She has great guests as well -- I especially love her episodes with Dr. Finlayson-Fife.

* You know I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and ALL IN is still my go-to podcast. I love it so much -- such great guests and faith filled insights. I have also started to listen to Latter-Day Saint Women podcast and that has been really uplifting -- especially Virginia Pearce, Neal Marriott, Michelle Craig.

Books --most of these I listened to on Audible. I love listening while puttering around the house and on errands.

* Giver of the Stars by Jojo Moyes -- this is the author of Me Before You (which I did NOT like) but I loved listening to this story of these women in Depression era that are determined to bring books to their neighbors in the mountains and all of the relationships that are intertwined. 

* You're Not Listening by Kate Murphy -- oh goodness I needed this book. I realized how much I hear but don't listen. She helps you understand how listening is key in relationships, understanding, and healing. I need to listen again to remember how to listen.

* Essentialism by Greg Mckeown -- you've probably read it but chances are you need it again. :) Reminders to pare down to what is really most important. As he says: "Essentialism is not about how to get more things done; it’s about how to get the right things done."

* Indigo Girl by Natasha Boyd -- historical fiction based in South Carolina in 1740 -- I loved listening to the story of Eliza Lucas and how indigo dye was introduced in the south with plenty of politics, good story telling, romance, and intrigue woven in.

* I Like Me Anyway by Brooke Romney -- such good reminders from Brooke told like she's a dear friend -- I love that she narrates the book.

* The Promised Prince by Kortney Keisel -- you'll be hearing more from Kortney at Favorite Things but if you want a fun, witty, romantic read I love this series! 


* I'm hooked on Virgin River and Crash Landing on You. They are my go-tos when my boys are all  watching baseball or college football. 

ALSO during my knee surgery my saving grace was ^^^Erkenci Kus (Early Bird/Day Dreamer)! It's a Turkish rom-com with English subtitles that I had to subscribe (like $10 for the month) on Watch It! app but it has the most beautiful people in it and just a funny, sweet, clean romance with all of the family drama intermixed.

I would love to hear any favorites you have!! Please share in the comments or on FB/Instagram.

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